Looking for a way to monetize your natural writing talent? Let me help you launch your own freelance writing side hustle so that you can write your way out.

Write Your Way Out

Scribbling Side Hustlers is a hands-on, curated course for people (like you!) who have a way with words so you can launch your freelance writing side hustle. The content has been distilled to give you only what you need to get this side hustle off the ground and transform your words into a bigger bank balance.

It’s designed to minimize how damn overwhelming this space can be.


I’m going to teach you exactly how to:

Start your writing side hustle from scratch.

Find clients who are willing to pay you for your words.

Start a portfolio of writing samples…even with zero experience.

Find the right people to pitch for work – and how to write a pitch that’s an easy ‘yes’.

The cheat codes to write any type of copy or content (without boring you with hundreds of hours of material).

How to run your business like a pro, even though you’re just getting started.

This program is designed to include only what’s essential to get earning.

No irrelevant ‘filler’ content. No unnecessary time commitments. No overwhelm.

Just tangible advice, actionable steps and priceless tips and hacks to fast-track your side hustle success.

One-on-One Support

Looking for that personal touch? Book an Acceleration Session with me.

We hop on a Zoom call that gets recorded so you can play it back whenever you want. The call is tailored to your needs. Whether it’s advice, insight or even a bit of hand-holding while you do scary things, I’ve got you.

Want direct help with finding your first gig?

Want me to read through your pitch and workshop it to perfection?

Want to pick my brain when it comes to the business side of running things?
Let’s do it.

Acceleration Sessions are limited (I reserve time for a max of two per week) and they are $100 per hour.

Discounts are available when booking packages of five or more sessions.

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